B? Company, 168th Battalion, Oxford Rifles - circa 1916
B Company, 168th Battalion, Oxford Rifles - circa 1916

above, B Company, 168th Battalion Oxford Rifles – circa 1916

Sons of England who enlisted with B Company, 168th Battalion in the First World War, circa 1916.

BACK ROW: [from left] Pte. R. Peck, Pte. H. Hardwick, Pte. W. Westlake, Pte P. Burroughs, Pte. E. Wolstenholme, Pte. P. Barton, Pte.T. Cussons, Pte. H. Wright

THIRD ROW: [from left] Pte E. Hawes, Pte. T. Coombs, Pte. H. Bulpitt, Sgt. Maj. G. W. Wright, Maj. T. Gibson, Corp. D. Lucas, Pte. C. King, Pte. A. Jeavons, Pte. W. Newman

SECOND ROW: [from left] Pte. J. Coombs, Pte. R. Earl, Pte. C. Guilford, Pte. E. Rowland, Pte. J. Rowland, Pte. E. Newman, Pte. L. Diggs

FIRST ROW: [from left] Pte. T. Wolstenholme, Pte. R. Latford, Pte. A. Redfern, Pte. E. Barton, Pte. S. Underwood
Photograph courtesy of Mr. George Willits


Canadian Infantry Section, 4th Division, 3rd Echelon, British Expeditionary Force, 39 Rue Boucher de Perthes, Rouen, France - 1918


BACK ROW: [from left] M. Sparks [?], E. E. Turton, H. Collins, A. J. Blake, J. W. Connell, A. Thiselton

MIDDLE ROW: [from left] A. S. Blakemore, W. Fish, unknown, George Scott, L. G. Diggs, C. P. A. Clark

FRONT ROW: [from left] Cyril Bridges, M. H. Laurence [?], J. M. Anderson, J. E. Rodsward [?]. C. L. Harris [?], H. Raine.
Photograph courtesy of Mr. George Willits
Photography by Belville


Oxford Rifles, Thames Valley Camp, September 16-27, 1940


above, 24th Grey’s Horse Regiment – B Squadron at Ingersoll, May 24th, 1909

A Canadian Militia cavalry regiment with headquarters at Woodstock, Ontario and squadrons at Princeton, Ingersoll and Berlin, organized in 1908.


above, Officers of the 24th Grey’s Horse Regiment at Niagara Camp, 1911

Front Row:  Lieutenant Rock, Lieutenant Brookfield, Major Williams, Captain Brown, Lieutenant Walker [all ‘D’ Squadron]

Second Row:  Quarter Master Krug, Captain [Chap.] Andrews, P. M. Elliott, Major Ross [2nd in command], Lieutenant Colonel Mayberry, Major Edgar, [‘B’ Squadron], Major Sutherland [‘A’ Squadron], Lieutenant Cram O. C. [‘C’ Squadron], Captain Davis [Adjutant], Signaller Bricker.

Third Row:  Veterinary Lieutenant Murray, Lieutenant Nichols [‘B’ Squadron], Lieutenant McDonald [‘A’ Squadron], Lieutenant Batcheller [Acting Captain, ‘B’ Squadron], Acting Lieutenant Peterson [‘C’ Squadron], Lieutenant J. A. Brown [‘C’ Squadron], Acting Lieutenant Willsden [‘B’ Squadron], Acting Lieutenant Longworth [‘B’ Squadron], Lieutenant Brown [‘C’ Squadron]


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