Oxford Street

Oxford3above, Oxford Street, looking north – circa 1925

Photograph courtesy of Mr. George Wood



above, an historic postcard



above, an historic postcard



above, Oxford Street at Frances Street looking south toward Ann Street



above, Oxford Street looking north


above, an historic postcard


above, Oxford Street depicted in an historic postcard


2 thoughts on “Oxford Street

    1. Thank you for your comment. We do have a couple of publications in our local history area of the library that might be helpful to you. They are as follows:

      Photographs of Ingersoll : from the collection of George Wood
      Ingersoll and area architecture

      You can also search the title on your property at the Land Registry office in Woodstock, which would provide you with a list of previous owners, changes in the property, etc.
      Land Registry Office No. 41
      75 Graham Street Woodstock ON N4S 6J8
      Tel: (519) 537-6287
      Fax: (519) 537-3107

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