St. Charles Condensing Co.


above, St. Charles Condensing Co., formerly at the southwest corner of King Street West & Whiting Streets – circa 1900

Built in 1899 by the St. Charles Condensing Company, the Ingersoll plant was purchased by the Borden Company Limited, it’s first Canandian factory. The building was demolished in 2000

One of the most flourishing of the industries of the busy town of Ingersoll is the Milk Condensing Factory, operated by the St. Charles Condensing Co. About seven years ago, this Company, which has factories at St. Charles,
Illinois and at Chemong in the same state, sought an opening in Canada, and finally decided to establish a plant in the good old dairy County of Oxford.  Is it any wonder, then, that St. Charles Evaporated Cream and Silver Cow
and Purity Milk, are three popular favourites with Johnny Canuck in his home, in his mining camps, in his wanderings up and down the land, as well as with his many friends across the seas?



St. Charles Condensing Co. Celebration arch

above, An arch constructed by the St. Charles Condensing Co. in all likelihood to celebrate a royal visit.



above, The St. Charles Condensing Co. 1909 Football Team Champions

Standing at rear: W. Tilt [manager], E. Noe [secretary-treasurer]

Back Row: R. B. Hutt, T. Fitzmorris, H. Land

Middle Row: C. Clark, J. Milne [captain], L. Henderson, J. Cray, A. French

Front Row: C. Woolson, C. Smith, J. Clark, A. Clark, F. Houghton, E. Ellery


above, an historic postcard depicting the St. Charles Condensing Co.


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