Town Hall


Town Hall, formerly at the corner of Oxford and King Streets – circa 1900

George O’Hayra was chosen as the builder of Ingersoll’s new hall, and the structure was designed by the local architect, John McNiven.  Construction was to start in December 1857.  The style of architecture adapted by McNiven, gave rise to some criticism in the community. Charles Chadwick pointed out to council, the disapproval of the design to the people of Ingersoll.  The Ingersoll public referred to the design as a “slab sided Dutch barn”. Mr. E. Chadwick commented that the style of architecture was one better suited to the age of our great, great grandfathers than the present.  The result of these public deliberations was that the plans were changed and the building was designed in the Itanianate style popular at that time. The new style was a great source of pride to the community.  The building was demolished in the late 1980s

above excerpt from Ingersoll : our heritage by Harry Whitwell



above, A photograph depicting the Town Hall in the 1980s


Town Hall

above, A photograph depicting the Town Hall, taken by Margaret Phillips circa 1975





















































































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