At 168 King Street West stands an early Romanesque home, which was built in the early 1890’s by the Christopher Bros. for the C. C. L. Wilson family.  Around the top of the home is fancy carved barge-board accompanied with stained glass windows in the upper and lower bays of each window. Engraved in the brick at the front is an ornate carving of wood with the inscription “Melrose”. The story of this name originates from a small town in England, which means a serene quiet, resting-place. In the early 1800’s, several homes were christened with this name as their owners were of English descent.

In the beginning this home was a single dwelling, family home. Today, it’s interior has been divided into a triplex, although the exterior of the home has been preserved and untouched by renovations. A large veranda extends around the principle face of the residence, culminating in a circular bandshell corner before continuing further.  Upon entering the home, the front door is surrounded by frosted cut glass panels. Inside is an oak, curved staircase. There were four fireplaces made of marble and ceramic tile. The living room and dining room were originally very large but through the years much remodelling and renovating has been done. Many fine dance balls were held in the home and many notables attended.Another unique feature of this home is the attic with it’s Indian Lookout, which gives a view of all of Ingersoll. The grounds of this home were the first bowling-green in Ingersoll.

excerpt from Ingersoll: our heritage by Harry Whitwell


One thought on “Melrose

  1. Hi, we are the present owners of the Melrose, have been for the past five years. The home was built in the late 1870’s, not 1890’s, there is no frosted glass windows by the front door, but stained glass, there is not a curved staircase,there were five fireplaces made of marble, as far as we can see.
    If you would like pictures of our home we would be happy to send them to you.
    Photos of the Melrose that we have highlighted, the stained glass windows, the marble fireplaces. It is currently being extensively renovated by the two of us, Clive is a General Contractor of over twenty years turned Realtor, and I have my own paint company and am an interior decorator.

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