The Ingersoll Inn

above, The Ingersoll Inn, circa 1970, north west corner of King & Oxford Streets

above, a photograph depicting the Ingersoll Inn

The Daly House / Ingersoll Inn was erected by Absalom Daly, on outspoken Englishman who took his military discharge in Ingersoll after the defeat of the rebels in the MacKenzie Rebellion in 1837.  Daly’s original intention was to build an all brick hotel, but in 1838, due to the scarcity of bricks he had to compromise on a brick front facing the Old Stage Road [King Street[ and a frame structure erected in the rear.

In 1854, a spark from a trash heap situated behind Ingersoll’s market building [municipal parking lot, corner of Oxford & King Streets] on the opposite side of the street blew into a bedroom window and ignited the curtains with the result that the hotel was partially destroyed.  Daly made temporary repairs until the O’dell brickyard could turn out sufficient bricks to make it a solid brick structure.

Over the years the Daly House, and later the Ingersoll Inn, changed ownership many times and many notable personages such as Sir John A. MacDonald, Sir Wilfred Laurier, P. T. Barnum and Thomas D’Arcy McGee, stayed within its walls.

excerpt above from the files of Stanley J. Smith

The Ingersoll Inn was demolished in the late 1980s


Kirwin Hotel

First known as the Chamber Hotel, then Oxford House and then later known as the Kirwin House, it was built in 1891-92 on Oxford Street, west side, opposite the old Market Building (municipal parking lot).  It served Ingersoll until 1967, when it was torn down for a new modern building (presently the Oxford Small Business Centre).  It was a farmer’s hotel with auction yards and there were stalls for the cattle to wait in before they were sold across the road.  The farm implement dealer, W. J. Fishleigh would put on dinners for his perspective buyers at the Kirwin Hotel.

excerpt above from Ingersoll: our heritage by Harry Whitwell


St. Charles Hotel

above, an historic postcard depicting the St. Charles Hotel, which formerly stood on the north-west corner of Thames & Charles Streets.

Formerly known as the McMurray Hotel, the St. Charles Hotel was torn down in January 1971 to make room for the widening of Charles Street.  The vacant lot was transformed into Dewan Park


above, the Scott Tourist Home


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