Lawn Bowling

Taken at the lawn bowling green on Ann Street, pictured from left to right are: B. B. McCarty, Dr. L. W. Staples, W. R. Vale, J. R. Mayberry, William Churchouse, Hal MacBain, Fred Whaley, Charlie Cook, Jimmy Wade, John Weir and Tom Hutchison.  In front are William McKay and John Graves.



Jack Johnston, Noted Pugilist, Visits Ingersoll

On a summer night some time ago, there was a ripple of excitement among sports lovers of the town when the news spread that Jack Johnston, and his chauffeur, were guests at the McCarty House [Hotel], where they remained for the night. There was quite a rush on the part of those who were interested in ring celebrities and many who were in conversation with the World champion found him genial and unassuming with humour characteristic of his race. He was a huge man, standing six feet, one inch, with his weight in his prime ranging from 205 to 220 pounds. It has been recalled that at that time, Johnston was the owner of a then so-called high powered automobile, and that in making his trip east across South-Western Ontario he was fined in a number of places after facing charges of speeding. The accompanying picture taken on the night of his arrival in front the McCarty House [located on the west side of Thames Street, 1 lot north of the Grand Truck Railway tracks], includes at the front, Johnston and his chauffeur; the late Asa McCarty, proprietor of the hotel, and his late son, Nelson (Dandy) McCarty in the doorway.

above is believed to be from the Ingersoll Chronicle circa 1910



above, The Ingersoll Meteor Cycling Club, circa 1895, pictured on Frances Street

above, an excerpt from the Ingersoll Chronicle, May 23, 1895

above, from the Ingersoll Chronicle, May 5, 1894, depicting the bicycles for sale at F. Bowman & Co.  The 1890s saw a peak in the cycling craze and consumers were buying bicycles in record numbers — even though the cost of a typical bicycle represented one third of an average worker’s annual salary.



above, 1912 Ingersoll Ladies Hockey Team

Back Row: E. Hill (right defense), A. Bearss (left defense), E. McKee (goal)

Front Row: V. Jones (left wing), E. Clark (rover), A. Jones (centre), M. Taylor (right wing)


above, an Ingersoll Hockey team, circ 1950

Back Row: Mr. J. C. Herbert, ? , A. Pearson, E. Paddon, K. Campbell, W. Rodgers, M. Craig, R. Burrows

Front Row: H. Jones, A. Hargan, T. Johnson, A. Routledge, R. Beck


above, Considered by some to be one of the best junior hockey teams Ingersoll ever had, in 1907, taken down at Smith’s Pond, their practice place. From left to right: Gordon Hay, cover point; Bev Gayfer, rover; Bud Kelly, left wing; George Gregory, centre; Charlie Woolson, right wing; George Beck, point; and Earl Noe, goal. This team went to the semi-finals, playing off with London, and losing. Each player received a gold watch. Ingersoll Tribune April 27, 1950


above, an Ingersoll Hockey Team

Back Row: T. Wilson, T. Harris, M. Clark, W. Cook, C. L. Boles

Front Row: J. Payne, C. Cragg, A. Thornton, K. Henderson, B. Cole


above, an Ingersoll hockey team, 1914




above, Ingersoll Baseball Champions, 1940

Back Row: Lefty Cade, Connie Ring, Hogan McKay [coach], Laurie Sommer [secretary], Cleworth Witty, Ted Shaddock

Front Row: Joe Story, Ron Bigham, Keith Mabee, Jim Warden, Don Shelton, Dave Daniels




above, Ingersoll District Collegiate Football

Back Row: D. Thurtell, L. Ranger, M. Haycock, L. Moon

Middle Row: C. L. Bole, C. Wilson, T. Johnson, J. McSherry, W. Cooper, A. Pearson, J. Butler, B. Owen, Mr. Guthrie

Front Row: T. Patry, W. Bayton, T. Mayberry, H. Yule, R. Glasser, L. Cole, D. Wolstenholme, H. Bowman, R. Swallow

Holding Ball: D. Hargraves


above, The Salford Stars Football Team, 1902

Back Row: W. Foster, F. Quinn, S. Mitchell

Centre Row: H. Land, D. Poole, G. Poole [president]; J. Poole, Ed Todd

Front Row: H. G. Mayberry, Ross Mayberry, Fred Poole, R. Warren


above, St. Charles Condensing Co. Football Team, City Champions, 1909

Standing at rear: W. Tilt [manager of the St. Charles Condensing Co.]; E. Noe [secretary-treasurer of the St. Charles Condensing Co.]

Back Row: R. B. Hutt, T. Fitzmorris, H. Land

Middle Row: C. Clark, J. Milne [Captain], L. Henderson, J. Cray, A. french

Front Row: C. Woolson, C. Smith, J. Clark, A. Clark, F. Houghton, E. Ellery


above, Ingersoll Collegiate Football Team, 1939

Back Row: M. Walker, J. Smith, W. Anglin, J. Eidt, M. MacKay

Third Row: C. Eidt, R. Hall, B. Borland, H. Furlong, N. Kurtzman

Second Row: L. Staples, W. Stone, H. Adair, D. Bower

First Row: C. Wilson [Coach], L. Cade, C. Fuller, D. Stone, J. C. Herbert [Coach]

Seated: D. Shelton, J. Grieve


above, Ellis Furniture Factory Football Team, 1912

Back Row: A. Stadelbauer [goal]; J. Martin [secretary treasurer]; S. Sherlock [manager]; C. Woolson [left back]; T. Hurford [spare]

Middle Row: J. Roberts [O. S. right]; W. English [right half back and Captain]; E. Cronk [centre half back]; B. Galloway [left half back]

Front Row: G. Target [I. S. right]; E. Chaney [centre forward]; F. Houghton [I. S. left]; F. Shelton [O. S. left]; G. Ellis [right back]



above, Dufferin Lacrosse Club, Ingersoll – 1889

The photograph shows the Dufferin Lacrosse Club, when they were Southern District champions in 1889.

From left to right.

BACK ROW: O. E. Robinson, vice president; C. Hollands, centre; J. Lowrie, defence field; W. Coulter, inside home; B. E. Swaizie, secretary treasurer

MIDDLE ROW: R. S. Malone, point; W. A. Smith, outside home; J. Vance, home field and president; F. Gayfer, defence field; J. McGachie, goal; A. Malone, c. point and captain

FRONT ROW: S. Gibson, defence field; J. Wight, home field; J. O. Matheson, home field. Ingersoll Tribune, April 7, 1949


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  1. I have a piano that belonged to my grandmother. I assume the piano has been in the family for at least 75 years. The # inside the piano is 11146. It has the writing “grand cabinet” under the name Evans Brothers, Ingersoll Ont. Any idea how I can find out how old the piano actually is. The wood is still very beautiful with a burl look. Not sure if it is Mahogany.

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