The Flood of 1894

In May of 1894, there was a sudden melting accompanied by warm rains. The Harris Creek, which flows through central Ingersoll became badly flooded and three dams on this stream gave way.  As water rushed through a conduit on King Street East, it washed away the foundation of the brick building on the eastside of the stream on the north side of King Street. This building was part of the brick block formerly known as the Jarvis Block, but at the time of the flood, it was known as the Campbell Block.  When the floodwaters washed out the foundation of the building adjoining the stream, the brick wall fell into the water, which caused the floors of the building to slope to the stream. The building was occupied by James McIntyre. Coffins, rough boxes and much furniture fell into the rough waters and were carried down to the Thames River. The river was high at this time, and many boats were tied up to the trees along the shore. Young men got in the boats and took after the furniture and coffins. Much of the merchandise was pulled on shore at Paton’s Sighting, three miles west of Ingersoll. Upholstered chairs were seen floating down river as far as Dorchester. Water flowed over King Street and down Water Street a foot deep.

above, excerpt from Ingersoll: our heritage by Harry Whitwell

The Flood of 1937

The Flood of ’37 was the highest ever recorded on the Thames River, and was the most destructive of life and property. Five deaths were attributed to the flood, an estimated 1,100 homes were ruined, and property damage ran to $3,000,000. Nearly six inches of rain fell on Southwestern Ontario in five days.

above, excerpts from the Ingersoll Tribune, April 29, 1937


2 thoughts on “Flood

  1. I loved this archive. I was raised in Ingersoll from 1948 to 1962. I found a photo of my Dad on a Hockey team but it is incorrectly identified as “C. Craig” and it should be “C. Cragg”. The photo is hockey1.jpg and he is second from left in the front row. Thanks for all the memories.

  2. My mother was born in Ingersoll in 1923. She has numerous pictures of Ingersoll people and places. there is one of her father in his cigar/candy store/ ice cream parlor on Thames north of Charles circa 1923/. We would like to share these photos. I will sign her up to the wordpress blog from her computer
    Joan Palmer

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